Saturday, November 14, 2009

Seine swans and falafel

I had a great Friday night. Jasmin and I made homemade falafel entirely from scratch (without a mix or anything!). It was delicious, but hard work to mash the chickpeas and fry all the falafel balls. It would have been restaurant quality if the pitas had been better, but we couldn't find much at Franprix. We wanted to make stuffed grape leaves too, but we couldn't find any grape leaves for sale, so we bought some already stuffed with rice and spices that were delicious and we also served it all with humus and red wine. A great meal and if you want the homemade falafel recipe we used you can find it on Jasmin's blog.

After dinner we decided to go out for a drink. Since we couldn't think of any quiet bars along our common bus route we finally decided that since it wasn't too cold we would stop at an épicerie to pick up a bottle of wine and drink along the Seine. We were enjoying ourselves and chatting away when all of a sudden two swans swam past! Unfortunately I wasn't quick enough to catch a picture, but it was amazing. I've never seen swans on the Seine, and neither had Jasmin. Usually there is nothing, or maybe some very brave ducks. But this time we saw two beautiful, white swans gracefully swimming against the current from Notre Dame toward la Bibliothèque Nationale. A very interesting day!

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