Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes you gotta just adorer this country

I was going over to my friends tonight and I had a very special experience.  He lives in the towers above a centre commercial and I was told to enter through the centre commercial and then to take the elevators up to the apartment level.  So I did, and when I stepped out of the elevator on the apartment level, there was a security guard with a guard dog.  I said bonne soirée and continued on my way.  However, when I rounded the corner to pass through the sliding glass doors from the centre commercial into the apartment hall, the door was locked.  Usually it just slides open.  I figured you needed a code so I called my friend, but while I was waiting for him to answer, the security guard and I had the following conversation:

SG:  Madame!  Madame!
Me:  Yes?
SG:  Do you have the code?
Me:  Nooooo........... :/
SG:  Oh, it's ****
Me:  Ok, merci!

I was shocked!  The security guard who gives out the building code to any random just gotta shrug your shoulders and shake your head!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Art in the KB

Walking from my apartment to the centre commercial the other day I stumbled across this little piece of artwork (?):

Unfortunately there was no explanation or indication as to what it was and it wasn't there Saturday and was gone by Monday.  Guess it's a KB mystery!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Musée du vin

This one has been a long time coming, but back in November finally went to check out the Musée du vin de Paris.

wine jug

The museum isn't bad, but it also isn't the best wine museum I've ever seen and you will certainly find better in regions that produce a lot of wine.  However, if you are itching to learn about wine making and the history of wine and you are stuck in Paris, this is the place to go.

The museum is located in underground caves in the 16th (metro Passy) and is full of different tools and machines used to produce wine, information on different kinds of wines, different wine bottles and services throughout history and other wine related paraphernalia.

Bacchus, god of wine

At the end of your visit you get to do a little wine tasting in their underground restaurant depending on the ticket you bought.

The museum also proposes events throughout the year, dinners and wine tasting classes.

In my opinion, the real highlight of this museum is the location.  It was very interesting to see these underground caves in the heart of Paris.  Otherwise the museum is a bit overpriced (11.90 euros for a visit and one small glass of wine), but still interesting and I definitely learned a lot about wine!

inside the museum

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Notre petit cat

Well, it's official.  The cat is ours.  We haven't heard anything or found anything about a missing cat so we are keeping him. 

After a difficult Christmas, we rushed to the vet as soon as we got back to Paris to get him fixed.  While we were at my in-laws his puberty hit and he started spraying the house and meowing the entire night, preventing everyone in the house from sleeping.  We think it was provoked by the other cats in the house.  As a result, we hurried him to the vet, and while he was there, the vet put in an electronic chip as well.  So he is ours now!

And so, I present Rasteau:

taking a cat nap

hiding under the bar

surprise...another nap!

Rasteau and his new favorite toy...a Bata bag

Un petit peu late...

...but here are a few photos of my Christmas in Arcachon:

the tree with too many gifts

dinner table for Christmas Eve

Lionel and I at my in-laws

walk along the Bassin d'Arcachon Christmas Day

walking at Pereire