Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sometimes you gotta just adorer this country

I was going over to my friends tonight and I had a very special experience.  He lives in the towers above a centre commercial and I was told to enter through the centre commercial and then to take the elevators up to the apartment level.  So I did, and when I stepped out of the elevator on the apartment level, there was a security guard with a guard dog.  I said bonne soirée and continued on my way.  However, when I rounded the corner to pass through the sliding glass doors from the centre commercial into the apartment hall, the door was locked.  Usually it just slides open.  I figured you needed a code so I called my friend, but while I was waiting for him to answer, the security guard and I had the following conversation:

SG:  Madame!  Madame!
Me:  Yes?
SG:  Do you have the code?
Me:  Nooooo........... :/
SG:  Oh, it's ****
Me:  Ok, merci!

I was shocked!  The security guard who gives out the building code to any random just gotta shrug your shoulders and shake your head!


  1. Maybe they just "felt" you were a proper/adequate person. Not a man (bonus), white (bonus), not dressed like a gypsy or too inappropriate (bonus). Sounds harsh and unfair but it's the truth.

    1. I know that's probably the case, but still, the whole point to door codes is to keep people who don't live in the building and who don't know anyone in the building out! It's for security so it seems like, no matter how "safe" I may have looked compared to others, it still defeats the whole purpose. Mais, tant pis!