Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Notre petit cat

Well, it's official.  The cat is ours.  We haven't heard anything or found anything about a missing cat so we are keeping him. 

After a difficult Christmas, we rushed to the vet as soon as we got back to Paris to get him fixed.  While we were at my in-laws his puberty hit and he started spraying the house and meowing the entire night, preventing everyone in the house from sleeping.  We think it was provoked by the other cats in the house.  As a result, we hurried him to the vet, and while he was there, the vet put in an electronic chip as well.  So he is ours now!

And so, I present Rasteau:

taking a cat nap

hiding under the bar

surprise...another nap!

Rasteau and his new favorite toy...a Bata bag

1 comment:

  1. Yay! He looks super cute. Love that video!! Makes me wish my cats were still little and fun. Now you need to get a laser pointer.. that's hours of fun for a cat :)