Monday, February 15, 2010

Apartment photos!

We have started moving into the new apartment!  We got the keys on Thursday and on Saturday we started to do some work.  My in-laws came in on Saturday to stay and help us for a week to a week and a half as well.  So far we have some nice appliances, most of the furniture for the kitchen (which we bought at But but they were out of the big kitchen cabinets I wanted so we have to try another But store), and we have repainted the apartment.  We still have some shopping to do at Ikea (desk, bookcases, couch, table and chairs) and then we have to put all the furniture together, do a few more little odd jobs around the apartment (like raise the sink by 2 cm so we can fit our washing machine into the space) and move all of our stuff from the current apartment.  Luckily on Friday my friend, Julie, came over and we started boxing stuff up so it won't be too bad.

Well, here are the long awaited photos!:

half of the séjour (living room)

the entryway and the door into the bedroom

the bedroom

the closet in the bedroom!  not big enough for my stuff, but plenty big for Lionel's small amount of clothing

the bathroom!  a real bath tub!  and a sink with some counter around it!  the toilet is to the left of the sink, but I didn't think we needed a picture of that...

looking across the séjour towards the kitchen area

the "kitchen" if you can even think of calling it that.  but soon it really will be a kitchen.  we have lots of ideas and I think it is going to work out to look like a very nice kitchen.  those photos coming soon i hope!

the private garden avec terrasse! and we even have three trees!

the new washing machine that also dries running its first load of laundry and our first load in our own apartment!  no more laverie!  is it sad that I'm actually excited about the idea of doing laundry now?

our real, American-style stove and oven all in one machine!  I'm looking forward to cooking on this one!

There it is!  I will be working hard on it everyday this week after work.  I'm really hoping we can be fully moved in by the end of the weekend!!!  Once we've finished I'll post the after pictures.  Or I'll at least post them once we have internet, since I have a bad feeling I will be without for a few weeks while Free changes our service to our new address (stupid France, why does this take so long!?! and what am I supposed to do for work!?!?!).


  1. WOW!! What a great place! I am so excited for you guys.

    Oooo la la at the appliances -- the washing machine looks like it rocks and how about that range? Livin' large, you are. ;-)

    Good luck with all the moving and thank you for posting photos. More, please, once you are all settled in and have everything decorated! :D Yeah, I like watching those reality shows on TV, where you watch people find new homes and then get settled into them, lol.

  2. "More, please, once you are all settled in and have everything decorated!" Whoops. I just now read that you *will* post the "after" photos. :) Thank you!

    I'll cross my fingers that Free gets you hooked up fast. We have them, too, and they seem to be pretty good about stuff like that. Good luck!

  3. Thanks for the photos! I hope you are settling in nicely and enjoying the larger space. I also hope that the sun comes out soon and that you can enjoy that garden of yours - it looks great!

  4. Looks great! My clothes are also in the living room in an old armoire my in-laws bought when they first got married because the closet in the bedroom isn't big enough for the clothes of two people. I know what you mean about the real tub and real stove though. I've done the teeny tiny bathroom before and large toaster oven and it sucks. With our old oven I could make only 6 cookies at a time. To make a whole recipe took forever!

  5. A real tub!!!!! OMG SO EXCITED TO SEE THIS PLACE IN PERSON!!!!!!!!! It looks HUGE! So happy for you and Lionel!


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