Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Picnic on the Pont des Arts

Last weekend we met up with a bunch of friends for the annual picnic on the Pont des Arts.  Every year around this time we organize a picinic on the pont and every year it's a great time.  The only problem this year was the police who were patrolling the bridge like crazy to make sure no one was drinking alcohol (apparently it is now officially illegal to consume alcohol on the bridge).  The cops were relatively cool about it and if they caught you drinking they gave you the choice of throwing it out or going down on the quais next to the bridge.  Nonetheless, it got a little annoying having to be very careful to hide all our beer and wine, but it was still a lot of fun, the weather was beautiful, we were able to enjoy some good company and some good food and I was able to destress a little, if only for one night.

sunset from the Pont des Arts Saturday night

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  1. beautiful pic! I'm going to email you soon so we can set up a coffee date/rant session about our jobs ok?

    (it's Crystal btw...your comment section apparently doesn't like me or my google sign in)