Monday, May 14, 2012


Last weekend Lionel and I headed off to Philadelphia for the wedding of our good friends Chris and Laura.  I met Laura when we were both English assistants in Paris, and we've stayed in touch ever since.  Lionel and I were thrilled to get to go to their wedding, not just to see Laura and Chris, but also because I had a couple of other assistant friends who were going to be there. 

Because of my new job, we didn't get to plan our trip in advance, and as a result plane tickets were far too high by the time we were able to book, so we ended up having to drive out from Ohio for the weekend.  The drive was long, but it was well worth it and we had a wonderful, though regrettably short, weekend in Philly.  We arrived late Friday night and woke up early on Saturday to pick Marybeth up from the airport.  The three of us then headed downtown to spend a few hours visiting downtown Philly and the historic areas, since Lionel had never been before.  Marybeth and I had gone out to visit Laura a few years ago, so we had already seen it, but we thought Lionel would enjoy it, and he did.  He now loves Philadelphia and wants to move there!

After exploring the city we headed back out to the Valley Forge area where the wedding was being held to get ready and then spend a great evening catching up with old friends, eating, drinking and dancing.  A wonderful weekend and we were so happy to be able to be there to celebrate with Laura and Chris.

Here are a few photos form the weekend:

back of Independence Hall

Lionel and Marybeth at Independence Hall

downtown Philly

Independence Hall

The Liberty Bell through the window...the line was too long for us to go in

historic Philly

historic Philly

historic Philly

more of historic Philly...the city has such a nice historic downtown

Philadelphia skyline from the car

Lionel's first trip on a school bus, as a shuttle from the hotel to the wedding location!

the ceremony

enjoying the cocktail hour with some of my old assistant friends!

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  1. Ben likes Philly too, I think it's a good-sized city that feels American but still historic. That's so fun you got to see assistant friends back in the states!