Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Spring has definitely not sprung

Just another Ohio spring...

 This is what I saw out the window yesterday and it has been lightly snowing nonstop since Sunday afternoon.  I am absolutely sick of snow and I feel so desperate for spring to come.  The winter blues feel like they will never lift and this seems like the winter that would never end.  I'm so afraid this weather is going to stick around until we leave for France, denying us some of the joys of spring in Ohio before our move.  I can't believe that this time last year we were enjoying unseasonably hot weather and plenty of outdoor activities and this year at the end of March we are still experiencing snowstorms and abnormally cold, freezing weather!


  1. I know what you feel about winter. I was so certain that it would have been over by now in Northern Europe, but no, I am still slipping and sliding in the snow and ice.

    Have a look at this post and blog about last weekend in Bordeaux. I have to say that this is one of the best blogs I have seen about Bordeaux. It's in Italian, but I enjoy this blog so much that reading in Italian is no longer a chore!

    I hope that was a consulation for you! Just think, in a few months all of your snow thoughts will all be a distant memory.

    While I don't know the authors of the blog, my good friend P is in the picture of the people eating on the quai. She is wearing the red scarf. I've only been gone 2 months, but it feels like she has already "moved on". I am ever more aware of how difficult my "repatriation" will be. I am really afraid of being left behind.

    Have a look at the pictures of the new bridge. The bridge will link the north of Bordeaux's rive gauche with the north of its rive droite. Right now the northern part of Bordeaux's rive droite is underdeveloped. There is nothing there but some fields, a couple of quiet restaurants, and a few buildings housing some companies. The city of Bordeaux hopes that, with the building of the new bridge, that the city will develop more in this area, and that it will solve Bordeaux's population growth problems as the idea is that people will be attracted to living there thanks to the connection with "mainland" Bordeaux via the new bridge. Bordeaux has been waiting a long time for this bridge - I have been out there numerous times on my bike over the past 2 years to check out the building progress.

    I am excited for Bordeaux! I should write a post about Bordeaux, it's long overdue.

  2. Yeah Spring here in Illinois decided to show winter how it's really done. Got a foot of snow. Wrote a post about it with some pictures here