Monday, July 15, 2013

Quatorze juillet

While we didn't really do anything special for the 14 juillet I did convince Lionel to go see the fireworks put on by our town on Saturday night (though he absolutely refused to stay for the bal populaire). They did a pretty decent job for a smaller suburb, synchronized to music and everything: 

a few pictures of some of the fireworks we saw on Saturday at a park in our town
Then on Sunday night we went into Bordeaux to see their much bigger and fancier display shot from a barge on La Garonne.

The Pont de Pierre and St. Michel as seen from La Bastide while waiting for the fireworks
Place de la Bourse from La Bastide
fireworks on La Garonne
fireworks and Place de la Bourse
the finale
 I hope everyone else enjoyed their 14 juillet as well!

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  1. I watched the fireworks show in my town from my bedroom window :)

    All the bébés were terrified, though!