Thursday, May 22, 2014

Expat excitement... discovery au supermarché

Made quite the discovery in the condiment/sauce aisle at my local Auchan the other day:

Never in a million years did I really expect to find Frank's Red Hot for sale in a regular French supermarket, and especially outside of the produits du monde aisle (though I do check this section of the store every time I go shopping...just in case). So imagine my surprise when I quickly scanned the bottles and jars this week, comme d'habitude, and actually saw these little bottles nestled on the shelf!  My excitement level was similar to when Philadelphia cream cheese first came on the market here in France (and I'm sure most American expats in France felt similarly about that one!).

I was half tempted to buy them all to ensure that Auchan continues to stock it, but in the end I didn't since I still have quite the stock at home (I bought a gallon of it earlier this year through Amazon UK, very reasonably priced I might add). But now I can rest assured knowing that my life as an American expat in France has gotten that much easier because Frank's Red Hot is probably the one product from the US that I personally can't live without.  It's practically an addiction; I would probably go through withdrawal without it. At this rate it won't be long before I can find all the US products I need/want on a regular shopping trip here in France!

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  1. I've never tried or heard of Frank's Red Hot, but I'm happy for you. And I sure am glad there is cream cheese easily accessible in France!