Wednesday, January 20, 2010

And Americans are bad at geography...

Monday night I watched Le Chef Contre Attaque with Chef Cyril Lignac on M6.  The show is actually pretty entertaining.  Cyril Lignac goes around France and tries to spread the pleasure of cooking and eating well.  In this particular episode he was trying to build a unity around food in a small town in Picardie.  During the show he was showing people how to cook, how to work together and how they could affect their community by sharing their love of cooking and eating to unify the town. 

At one point he decides to take his two coéquipiers to the US to visit Detroit, Michigan, which has apparently moved:

location of Detroit according to M6

I found this strange because last time I checked Detroit was still here:

  Actual location of Detroit

I just think that before you air something on television you should perhaps check to make sure you are being accurate.  Especially when it is as easy to check as the location of a major city on a map!!!  Or perhaps the French need to study American geography a bit more and stop saying that Americans are nul en géographie!


  1. ha ha ha! yet another example of fantastic French television.

    ps. I've not found the French too hot on geography generally speaking.

  2. I get so much crap from my students about how "Americans don't know where Paris is". I love how being American automatically makes me responsible for the entire country's shortcomings.

    I posted awhile back that I heard somebody on the radio speaking about "former president Al Gore" which was equally stupid.

  3. I have to agree, I don't think the French are too hot with geography. When they finally learn that New York is a state and New York City is a city in that state, then they can talk about "Americans" being bad at geography.

    Of course, I've even had people here try to tell me that Toronto is in the US, so.....