Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Marijuana dans le metro

I was heading home from work this evening on the line 7.  The metro was very crowded, as usual, and I was thrilled when a seat opened up.  I squeezed through a few people and dashed for it, slidding myself between a somewhat chubby man and a thin Parisian woman.  I reached into my huge, overstuffed Longchamp, dug around a bit, and happily pulled out the new Dan Brown book, excited to be comfortably seated and able to find out what was going to happen next to Robert Langdon and Katherine Soloman in The Lost Symbol.  As I opened my page to my bookmark, carefully hiding the Eiffel Tower as I do every day, I looked up at the people sitting across from me - three punk French teenagers rolling a joint in the middle of a crowded metro - and suddenly I was a little less excited to be sitting where I was.  Only in Paris...


  1. Wow. They were feeling especially bold, eh? At least it sounds like they observed the smoking ban and did not light up on board the car, lol.

    Soooo, Line 7 is where I go to score, eh? I'm not far from Line 7 at Stalingrad. Hmmmmm.

    (just kidding, haha!)

  2. Sorry, but... Did you enjoy The Last Symbol ? Apparently, yes. I was wondering : CIA classed "national security issue" the visual proof of mad Mal'Ahk (gov. personnalities visible on his video). As American people, do you think it would be a real major scandal ? Thx for kind answer. Olivier

  3. Olivier, I am enjoying The Last Symbol, but I haven't finished it yet. I'm almost done and I'll let you know when I've read the rest!!!

    Karin, yes apparently they were feeling quite bold. I was quite surprised, but I have seen this on trains in France too, so I guess I shouldn't have been. And luckily they were kind enough not to light up on the metro...