Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I can already feel that "spring" in my step

Spring is finally here, and I couldn't be happier!  I love Paris; it's a beautiful city with lots of things to see and do.  However, Paris in the winter is just depressing.  Everything is grey - the sky, the buildings, even the people.  But now spring is here and the entire city is brighter and happier.

It's amazing how much a blue sky, some sunshine and warmer weather can change the entire feel of a city.  Parisians are a little happier (though they are still French, so they will never be extremely happy) and people are out everywhere enjoying the weather.  Everywhere I look people are outside walking, shopping, picnicking, drinking on terrasses and commenting on the weather.  Winter coats are disappearing and lighter and brighter spring wear is replacing them.  The quais of the Seine are filling up with people passing a lazy afternoon enjoying the sun and warmer temperature.  In short, everyone is happier, me included.

I've noticed that the past two weeks or so I'm happier to get up, happier to go to work and just in a generally better mood.  I look forward to leaving the apartment and seeing the blue sky and I actually don't mind having long pauses between lessons so I can sit on a bench and take advantage of the weather while it is here.  Or for longer breaks enjoy a coffee en terrasse or spend some time lounging in one of the many parks in Paris.

Yesterday I spent a lazy afternoon in Parc Monceau picnicking with a friend since most of my lessons were cancelled.  And I was enjoying the nice weather so much that I went and did something crazy - I bought a dress!!!  For those of you who actually know me, you know this is crazy behavior.  I never buy dresses, I never wear dresses.  In fact, most people I know have never even seen me in a dress (with the exception of my wedding dress).  But yesterday I broke down at C & A and spent the 30 euros to add a second dress to my closet in celebration of the nice weather and my good mood.

This weekend I'm hoping to make it out to a few stores to buy some gardening tools and then eventually some vegetable plants, so I can start my vegetable garden.  Hopefully the weather will be nice because if I don't get it started soon, it's never going to happen!  I'm also hoping to motivate Lionel to go out and buy a barbecue and some chairs for the garden so we can really start to take advantage of this weather and invite some friends over for a barbecue soon!

What can I say?  I'm glad spring is here and I hope it is going to stay!


  1. I wish it was Spring here but its not :( Paris sounds wonderful when the weather is nice....enjoy it :)

  2. Here's a big yay for the dress!! :)

    I am not much of a "dress chick" myself, but do like to wear the occasional hippie-style sundress in hot weather. So, I know what it is to get a dress and feel happy with it when you normally might not have considered having one. :)

    "Parisians are a little happier (though they are still French, so they will never be extremely happy" No kidding, lol. :)

    I am so happy for spring, too. It was such a difficult gray and cold winter here. It really is quite depressing, so I, too am feeling the happier vibe in the air.

    Good luck with the gardening -- just dooo eeet! -- and have a beautiful day. :)