Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The move

It took us about a week and a half with the help of my in-laws to do everything, but we are in our new place!!!  We had to repaint, build a kitchen, pack, clean both apartments, shop for a ton of furniture, do a little work in the new place (fix the blinds, fix the front door, raise the sink a few centimeters, etc), install carpet and unpack.  All the while we were both working.  Luckily Lionel's parents were there to help us or we never would have finished so quickly.

To start, here are some photos of the moving process.  I really wanted to post some pics of the finished apartment, but I'm still waiting for Lionel to finish unpacking his last few boxes (lazy little Frenchie that he is) so that the apartment will look perfect for the photos.  So until then, the pics of the move...

Lio and his dad putting together some furnitre we bought at But

The trailer full of furniture after spending 900 euros at IKEA (that store is dangerous I tell you!).  My wallet was hurting when we left, but at least I finally have all the furniture I've been wanting including an amazing couch and a desk to do work on!!!  We also bought two beautiful red bookcases, a dining table (so we no longer have to eat on the coffee table) and chairs.  And yes, we had to drive VERY slowly with that big of a pile in the back.

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