Sunday, June 6, 2010

Boyz II Men

As ridiculous as it might sound, last weekend I went to the Boyz II Men concert in Paris at the Zenith and it was actually quite a good show.

I managed to motivate Marybeth to go with me and we had a really good time making fun of French people and enjoying some good old Boyz II Men music.

The concert started at 8pm with some French guy we had never heard of (we eventually found out his name is Marc Antoine).  All the French people seemed to have heard of him though.  They were screaming like crazy and dancing and singing along while Marybeth and I looked at each other wondering who he was.

  Marc Antoine

After Marc Antoine played for about 30 minutes, they did a 45 minute intermission (45 minutes!!!???) and then Boyz II Men played for about an hour and a half.  They played a lot of their old music from the 90s, which was great, along with some newer stuff and some covers of some other great songs (like Amazed by Lonestar and the 4 Tops).

Boyz II Men

I really wanted to see Boyz II Men in concert because they were actually the first group I saw in concert without my parents, way back in like 5th grade.  I thought it would be fun to see them again more than 15 years later, and it sure was.

It was also entertaining to see how many French fans they have and how well the Frenchies manage to sing in English.  I was also surprised at how much they understood since Boyz II Men kept talking in English between each song.  There was even a Frenchie who made a huge poster (American style) for Boyz II Men, written in very bad English.  He even made a reference to Philly and when he put the sign up the man behind me had to explain to his girlfriend that Philly is short for Philadelphia.  Gotta love the Frenchies...

the crowd at the concert including the deaf French guy with his poster written in bad English

All in all it was a pretty good, calm night and something different from my usual nights in Paris out in a cafe.

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