Monday, May 31, 2010

Wedding celebration #3

One of the reasons my parents decided to come to visit now was that my in-laws were planning our third wedding party/reception, so that I could finally meet the rest of the family (i.e. all of Lionel's aunts, uncles, cousins, etc who in 4.5 years together, I had never met).  Since my parents had to miss our actual wedding in France, they decided to come out for this wedding reception, which was, in fact, the third celebration of our wedding, only one and a half years after we were originally married.
The reception was really just a nice, long dinner.  There was no music or dancing (thankfully).  We started with an apéritif outside and then went inside for a very delicious, very long meal.  The entrée was a salad with small bay scallops and cepes, the plat was filet mignon de porc with a honey ginger sauce, then there was a cheese course followed by a delicious dessert of (my favorite) moelleux au chocolat.  And of course, since we were in Bordeaux, the wines were amazing and we finished the night with champagne!

While the meal was excellent, the rest of the night was pretty stressful since I was not only meeting all of my husband's family for the first time, but I also had my parents with me, who don't speak any French, and unfortunately Lionel's family doesn't really speak any English.  But I think we managed OK, and hopefully they liked me, or at least didn't think I was rude.  Everyone seemed nice but since there were 57 people I didn't really get to talk to anyone for long, and I will never be able to remember their names.  However, one person was nice enough to wear a USA soccer shirt to show tribute to my country.  All in all it was an interesting evening, and I probably should have had a little more of that delicious wine to feel more at ease!

While the meal was wonderful and the conversation was a little awkward, the location was just absolutely amazing!  They had the dinner in a chateau!  A chateau!!!  A small chateau, but a chateau none the less!!!


  1. Wow!! That's quite the chateau! Sounds like a good, if hectic, time was had. :)

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