Monday, May 31, 2010


I feel like I have been horribly neglecting my blog recently, but I have been very busy.  My parents came out to visit last week so between spending time with them and working, I just haven't had time to post anything.

But it was great to see my parents and to get to spend a little time with them.  The weekend of their arrival we went down to Bordeaux to spend the weekend with Lionel's family.  On Sunday we were even able to drive over to Arcachon and go to the beach and enjoy the absolutely beautiful weather. 

the beach at Pereire in Arcachon

Lionel enjoying the beach and the warm weather

My parents, my in-laws, and my husband


restaurant where we had dinner on the beach

beautiful sunset

On Monday we came back to Paris and I went back to work and my parents did the tourist thing during the day and we met up for dinner at night.  And thanks to the new apartment, they were able to stay chez nous instead of having to spend ridiculous amounts of money on a hotel in Paris.

The only snag was that both of my parents ended up getting sick while they were here, but despite their illness, I think they had a good time and I was very happy to see them!

I wish they didn't have to leave on Friday and I wish I could have taken more time off work to spend with them, but at least I should be heading to the US in a month and a half to two months to spend some more time with my family and friends!

We also had a little bit of bad news last week.  We were supposed to be driving our car up from Bordeaux to have in Paris now that we having a parking space included with our apartment, but 15 minutes out of Bordeaux, it broke down.  Luckily we were still near Bordeaux and Lionel's parents were able to come out and meet us, but unfortunately for his dad he had to drive us to Paris with his car and then drive back to Bordeaux the same day while my mother in law waited with the broken down car to get it towed to a garage.  So for the moment, we still don't have the car we were so looking forward to having.  But hopefully his parents will be driving in up here in June for us!  Then we will have a car to use on weekends for little day trips and such!!!  I can't wait, even if I can't drive here in Paris.


  1. I wondered where you've been! Sounds like you've had lots of lovely adventures lately. The chateau you posted on the other entry looks great! It sounds like your reception must have been a lot of fun. I'm glad to hear it worked out because my family hasn't met Jeremie's parents yet, and i'm nervous about how that's going to play out whenever that dreaded day rolls around!

    Sorry to hear about your car but I guess it's for the best that it happened outside of Bordeaux. Can you imagine getting half way back home and getting stranded? That would surely be worse. I hope they'll get it fixed and then you'll have your car! Driving in Paris is no fun but it must make getting to the bigger, better supermarkets and shops (Ikea, Casto, etc.) easier for you. I did life without a car for two years and I tell ya, i'll never give my car up!!

  2. I'm sorry about the car... :( No fun! but I am happy to read that you have had a nice time with your parents and in-laws, too. What lovely weather that looks like!