Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Neverending battle with la sécu?

For the first time today I walked out of the Sécu office in the KB a few photocopies lighter and with a huge smile on my face!!!  It seems like my neverending battle with the Sécu might actually be ending!

I've already talked about the highlights of my battle with the French social security system here, so everyone should be up to date on the over 2 years of bureaucratic hell I have had to endure trying to complete my immatriculation.  Well, I am happy to announce I can finally see the end, the light at the end of the tunnel so to speak! 

I went in today fully expecting to leave at least an hour later, extremely angry and clutching all the photocopies I had made last night (using up the end of my ink cartridge, I might add).  However, to my total surprise, I walked out only 15 minutes later so happy I was nearly crying and FINALLY (really, for the first time ever), with less papers than what I had had when I entered the building.

They actually received the papers I had mailed back in December (after another trip to the Sécu in which the guy refused to take my carefully prepared papers because he didn't want to start my dossier since it was 15 minutes to closing time.  he instead told me I could mail them in...) and I am immatriculated!!!!  They just never informed me.  But now I have my attestation d'immatriculation so that I can go to the doctor and get reimbursed until they finish my dossier and send me my carte vitale.

The only slightly irritating thing is that I only have a numéro provisoire for the moment because for some reason my file is not complete.  The nice woman (yes I did just describe a fonctionnaire as nice...this woman is amazing and the most intelligent and capable fonctionnaire I have ever encountered...and she has helped me several times and has been the only one able to give me any useful information) regretfully explained to me that she didn't know what document was missing from my file but that she would try to find out and contact me asap.  She even stipulated that if I don't hear anything soon I should come back in and see her (and only her).  She even took my copies of my birth certificate and translation because she had a feeling that might be the problem (even though I sent that with my other documents) and she was able to change my address in their system while I was watching (much better than the 4 months it took to get Lionel's address changed)! 

All in all this was the most amazing fonctionnaire experience I have had and I was quite satisfied with my trip.  Here's hoping we get this little dossier problem figured out soon and I get a real carte vitale!!!

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  1. Ohhh! Good luck to you, chica!! How wonderful that you actually got to work with a helpful fonctionnaire.

    Sorry I have been so MIA, but I had the future MIL here and then a lot of stuff to do and catch up on once she was gone. Mostly laundry, lol.

    I have skimmed all the past posts that I did not see in the past couple of weeks. I'm sorry that the work situation is still not going so well, and remember: I am still here if you want to go hang out sometime! I just met another friend at the Place d'Italie last night after she was done working. Since I know it is hooked up to the line that goes to the KB, lemme know if you want to meet there, or anywhere else (like on one of those long breaks between classes out at La Défense?) sometime.

    Take care & hang in there. :)