Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Le nouveau house guest

Well, we have a guest in the apartment at the moment:

Lionel found this little guy lost and alone in the cold outside his work on Monday.  He brought him into his office and one of his colleagues called a vet friend to come check him out.  The vet couldn't find anything to identify him - no tattoo, no chip, nothing.  So Lionel decided to bring him home rather than let him go to get killed by a car at the Porte de Champerret.  He is keeping his eye out for posters near his work about a lost cat and he has been looking for information on the internet too, but if we don't see anything and can't find a family who is looking for him, we are going to keep him.  Secretly, this is what I really want...for there to be no family so we can keep the little guy since I've been begging for a cat for almost a year.  Not to mention he has been here since Monday night and I'm already getting really attached.  So here's hoping there is no family out there with a little kid crying about their missing cat so I get to keep ce petit mec adorable!

So far he's made himself right at home, sleeping all over the apartment, following Lionel and I wherever we go, sleeping snuggled up with us in bed at night, exploring and climbing on everything and claiming every surface as his own.

He seems to be pretty young, though we aren't certain of his age.  We think he is somewhere around 8 months.  We already love having him around, except when he wakes us up at 6:30 in the morning.   But he is absolutely adorable, loves to be petted, loves to cuddle and likes to have all of the attention!

Let's just hope I get to keep him, cause if we have to give him back it's going to be very hard!  And then Lionel will have to find me another cat because I can't imagine not having one around now!

***Of course, this does not mean in any way that I have forgotten about my precious little Rusty who passed away a month ago.  I'm actually feeling pretty guilty about wanting to adopt another cat so soon after my dear pet's death.


  1. Don't forget you can probably have his picture posted on the SPA website. His owner might try to contact the SPA hoping someone dropped him off there.
    I understand completely your hope he can stay though. When I cat-sat for a colleague of my husband's, I didn't want to give the cat back!

  2. We've got two cats and I love having them. It sounds like this little guy is very happy and warm at your place, so I hope you can keep him! Did the vet say if he was fixed already or not? That would make me think that he's got a family, if he is. I'm sure Rusty would be happy that you've still got love in your heart for his kind, and that he's smiling down on you all from pet heaven :)

  3. well, we've put up posters and looked for posters but for the SPA, since he doesnt have a tattoo or chip we would have to take him in and I don't know what would happen to him if no one came to claim him. so he is still with us! its looking more and more likely that he is a permanent resident. he hasn't been fixed or anything so either. we are going to take him to the vet once we get back from christmas in arcachon to see about getting him everything he needs, and once we've paid for all of that, i'm considering him ours, especially since we've fallen completely in love with the adorable little guy!