Monday, March 14, 2011

Continued genius of La Poste

As a quick follow up to my most recent problems with the French post office, we have received more information about the Christmas package my friend Lindsay tried to send me.  As I said in my last post, Lindsay requested an inquiry into the location of the package since she hasn't received it back in the US and I haven't received it either.  The US Postal Service told her it would take France about 17 days to complete the inquiry but if she hadn't heard anything in 24 days, to call for information.  So she finally called after 24 days and was told that the inquiry was complete and that they had come back with the following response: "We never delivered the package."

WTF???  No information on where said package might be or on what might have happened to it.  Just that they hadn't delivered the package.  Well, so glad it took France 24 days and who knows how much money to figure out what I could have told them a couple of months ago!  So looks like my package is officially MIA and I'll never get my Christmas present and neither will that cat!  Thanks a lot La Poste for such efficient service!

Not to mention my aunt and uncle just got the Christmas card they sent me back in the mail last week.  I'm starting to wonder if La Poste has blacklisted sure would explain all the ridiculous problems I've had with them in the past 6 months:  my bank account, my Christmas package, my Christmas card, a package magically appearing IN my mailbox and the return of our taxes (they returned our tax form to us after we sent it on time to pay our taxes, therefore making us pay late because the form shifted and they couldn't see the address in the envelope window, so they peeled back the envelope to find the sender's address to return it to us instead of peeling it back to find the address of the destinataire or instead of just recognizing the very obvious tax form envelope that they certainly know well as they certainly deal with millions of them every year and just sending it on to the evil tax collectors).  Oh, La Poste, you are one of my biggest enemies in France!!!

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