Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Guess my latest rant just didn't measure up...

This just in from Keith's A Taste of Garlic:

"Rant of the Week Award!
The battle for the coveted Rant of the Week Award went all the way to the line when a late entry by MilkJam on the joys of unemployment narrowly beat Michele at michele’s life in franglais who was complaining that I’m getting vielle

MilkJam won the award because, after all, she is on the rock and roll right now and Michele is just getting ancient.And fancy them picking up that you’re not qualified to speak American, MilkJam!
Michele, don’t feel too bad about missing out to MilkJam.
After all, you’re only 28 and there’s no need to get depressed and down in the dumps about it. You’ve probably got another couple of years or so before you get REALLY OLD and things start drooping to your knees or falling off!"

Looks like my rant just wasn't good enough!  Honestly, I'm so dissappointed that I can't decide if I should rant about it, or just try harder the next time.  I do have a ranty blog post or two that I've been working on for a while, one of which I started almost a year ago...perhaps I can get back in the competition and win that award soon!!!


  1. Michele

    It's a very nice award (although I say so myself) and well worth making the effort for!

    Go on....

    Work yourself up for it....

    An nice good rant will do you the world of good! After all, you're getting on a bit now and who knows how many years good ranting yo'll have ahead of you (before you get too old!)

    All the best


    P.S. Y

    our sidebar says you're still 27! Now, I don't mind but...

    I believe that some people might be upset if your pretend to be not quite as ancient as you really are?

  2. As something like a 5x "Rant of the Week Award" Winner, I recommend writing about the next thing that makes you want to put somebody's face through a brick wall (extra points usually if the "somebody" is a government employee, or if you risk being hauled off by the Gendarmes for causing a scene). Those sorts of posts really catch keith's eye. He's a harsh critic, but he sure can spot a good rant when he sees one. In your defense, I think you've had a lot of pretty good ones lately about La Poste!!

  3. Keith - Don't worry, there will definitely be some more good rants coming out soon! They do manage to make mee feel better, for all of about 5 minutes. But next time, I sure hope I win that award! I mean, I'm certain to have some more encounters with French fonctionnaires soon. And don't worry, I changed my sidebar, I wouldn't want to mislead anyone!

    Amber - Well, we all know I have enough miserable fonctionnaires encounters to rant about! And I do have to agree that I've had quite a few good ones about La Poste recently, and I'm disappointed they didn't even get noticed!

  4. Yeah... sorry honey but when you've been here 8 years and unemployed without a career then you might beat me :) lol

  5. oh, and I'm Bac +5 from a French University ...

  6. milkjam - ok, i guess i can concede defeat and admit you might have it worse than me, but only by a little!