Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Buffet à volonté

Apparently the hot, humid and now damp weather we've had recently is attracting mosquitoes like crazy, and I am their official blood buffet.  In the last week and a half I've managed to accumulate nearly 100 mosquito bites (the last time I counted I was at 85 and that was last weekend).  I don't know why, but they really seem to love my blood while Lionel and the cat have gotten off with almost nothing.  Must be because I'm so sweet...

As a result of the invasion of the mosquitos (which we did NOT have at all last year), we ran out to the store to stock up on mosquito repellents.  We ended up spending 20 euros on des plaquettes anti-moustiques, des diffuseurs éléctroniques, et Raid moustiques.  This seems to have helped a bit as before I was averaging about 10 new bites a night and now I am down to less than 5, but still, it's getting insane!  I finally had to drag myself to the pharmacy to buy some anti-itch gel because I couldn't take it anymore.  I also officially look like I have some weird skin disease as I have red spots all over my arms, legs, stomach, back and face, but especially my right arm (which at last count had 30 bites alone), my left leg and my face.  I also now need more time in the morning to put makeup on since I have to work extra hard to try to cover up all the red, swollen bumps on my face that make it look like Lionel beats me!  I just don't understand why these things don't start healing already!  This is getting a little ridiculous and I'm going to spend a fortune because of mosquitoes!  Any suggestions?

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  1. This happens to me every time we move to a new town. The first summer is usually hell with me getting eaten alive by the little suckers. I just slather on the gel and try to get through it. Luckily with this mini cold snap we've been able to close the windows and that's helped.

    Do you get lots of little bites, or do you get huge swelled up ones? Mine are really big and have me scratching almost until I bleed most of the time. The next year the swelling goes down (like i'm immune to them or something) but I still get attacked.

    No advice.. it just sucks to be us!