Monday, June 27, 2011

Someone hates the hot weather...

Our poor little furball is having a hard time acclimating to the hotter weather, and as a result we have seen him in quite a few interesting positions as he tries to find a way to nap and stay cool:

Rasteau trying to get comfortable

Rasteau looking at Lionel and I as if it is our fault it is so hot today

Rasteau trying to cool off under a chair in the garden...I guess he figures that if he exposes his whole tummy he will be more comfortable

We went out to the supermarket today and FINALLY bought a fan (yep, you read that right, all these years in Paris without air conditioning and we have never had a fan) and we set it up immediately.  At first Rasteau enjoyed laying on his favorite chair while the wind blew through his whiskers, but then I guess he decided he didn't like the noise and is staying away.  Now he's back to moving between the garden and the apartment trying to decide which one is cooler!

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