Saturday, February 9, 2013

Too gâté

I figure it's time for a little change from all the posts about the move, and I realized Rasteau hasn't made an appearance on my blog in quite a while.  So, why not do a little post about my precious, spoiled little furball?

I never mentioned it before, but Rasteau is a very finicky drinker.  In France he would refuse to drink water out of his bowl, or any bowl placed on the floor for that matter.  Sometimes we could get him to drink out of one of our bowls if set in the proper location, but this was really hit or miss.  The only guaranteed way to get him to drink was in the bathtub, and only with fresh running water.  It couldn't be running too strongly otherwise his little paws would get wet so it would have to be a little trickle, just enough to pool up a little near the open drain so he could drink.

Then we moved to the US and were at my parents' house and he would only drink his water in the bathroom sink, running into Lionel's cupped hands.  He still wouldn't touch water in a bowl on the floor.

When we moved to our apartment he never seemed to find a way that he was happy to drink water and then one day I came home and caught him doing this:

Rasteau's furry butt sticking out of the toilet.

Apparently he had been drinking his water out of the toilet rather than the nice, fresh, clean water we would put in a bowl for him.  We ended up buying him a kitty fountain and keeping the toilet seat down at all times.  This worked for a while until the fountain broke and Lionel finally managed to coax him into drinking out of the bathroom sink.

But now we've reached an entirely new level of spoiled.  He likes to sleep on blankets on top of our armoire when we go to bed, and Lionel has gotten him into the habit of being served a little cup of water in bed every night.  It's now his favorite way to drink water.

Rasteau being served his water before bed

So now, every night, we have to be sure to get him a fresh cup of water for bed.  It's the only way to ensure that he actually drinks any water.  And then last night we reached the ultimate level of laziness when he wouldn't even get up to drink, but just enjoyed his water laying down, nice and relaxed!

  Rasteau being so lazy he won't even get up to drink anymore...just lounging on his bed and drinking out of his cup.

I think I might have le chat le plus gâté in the world!


  1. You should have just put a crown on top of his head in that last shot! haha, cute

  2. awwwww what would we do without our spoilt little furballs ey! you're cat is so cute :) xx

  3. Haha I know all about cats that are too gâtés!

    I love the pic with him and the little Dixie cup. That cat's got you guys wrapped around his little paw ;)

  4. What can I say, he's so cute that we just can't say no! He's got all the power and he knows it...he's the king of this place!

  5. I love it!!!! Well, I'd hate it if he were my cat, but I love that you spoil him so much. He really is a French cat. Miaou!

    1. I know! It's ridiculous! But I can say it's mostly Lionel's fault. It's the French in them both...