Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Visitors au boulot

Last week we had some visitors at my work.  As I was walking by the windows on my floor, heading to the kitchen to grab my lunch, I looked down and saw three deer emerging from the trees.

View of the deer from my floor.  and yes, that is a mini railroad track you see running through the middle of the picture...we have a mini train on our property that circles around the building and parking lot and goes off into the woods.  Our company uses it for family events and charity fundraisers.

 As I stood there watching a fourth deer appeared and they all headed off through the snow, across my company's property and into the trees on the other side of our lot.

And the fourth deer appears (though in this picture you can barely see the first one leading the pack near the railroad tracks at the top of the photo.

It certainly is nice to see so much wildlife, even at work.  It's something we definitely didn't get to enjoy in Paris, and probably won't in Bordeaux either, unless we work outside of the city.


  1. Deer outside my window would make me very happy :)

    (Look at all that snow!)

  2. I've never seen any deer around Bordeaux and I doubt there would be many floating around the vineyards. There are not too many forests in Aquitaine unless you count the seemingly endless pine tree forests. I don't think these pine forests are very inviting to deer as the branches are high and there is a lot of sand. Enjoy it while you can!

  3. Crystal, I'm not gonna lie, I'm getting pretty sick of all the snow! I'm so ready for spring! But the deer were definitely nice to see.

    Den Nation, I figured there wouldn't be any deer. In fact, in all my travels around France, I don't recall seeing much wildlife at all. I must admit, I love all the beautiful pine forests in the area. And they smell so nice!

  4. Such a cute sight! I love the sight of wild deer. I have just moved to a city and I do so miss seeing sights like this! I live in Canada and we are pretty fed up of snow too, especially as it is meant