Sunday, June 2, 2013

Le petit furball

Rasteau has really been adapting well to his new surroundings. He especially loves his new 2000 square meter garden and he's working hard on honing his hunting skills.  He's already managed to get a bird and a few lizards, and every time he sees the dirt move he tries to figure out how to get at the moles underground.
He's also already had a few run ins with a big male cat in the neighborhood,  but they seem to have smoothed things out and now Rasteau is working hard to claim his territory, putting his scent everywhere he can!

Here's a picture of him taking a rest in the old wheelbarrow, one of his favorite spots to sit back and surveiller son jardin, keeping an eye out both for other cats and for the lizards that like to climb on the wall next to him!


  1. He looks so happy in that wheelbarrow!

    Glad to hear he's settling in nicely. Could you maybe do a post on the process to get him from the US to France? Cost, planning involved, what happened when you arrived at the airport in France, etc? I'd be curious to know!

    1. Not a problem, I'm working on a post about the whole process and I hope to have it up tonight or tomorrow.

  2. I'm happy to see that you brought Rasteau back over to France. He's quite the traveller!

    I really enjoyed your Western escapade photos. I'd love to go on a road trip in a dessert-like climate.

    I hope you are enjoying Bordeaux.

    1. There is no way we could have ever left Rasteau in America. That cat is like our child! And I will never understand how people can just abandon a family member like that, four-legged or not, he's part of the family!

      Glad you enjoyed our photos from our road trip. I highly recommend doing something like that, it's just amazing. And so far I'm enjoying Bordeaux, though I haven't had much time at all to explore, we've just been too busy working on the house! I've only been into the city twice so far (we don't actually live in Bordeaux), once to drive through and once for a meeting near the Gare St. Jean. Hopefully I'll get to check it out a bit more in the coming weeks, or at least by the end of the summer!