Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas à la française

Lionel and I spent a wonderful Christmas with his parents at our house. We ate far too much, exchanged gifts, spent time just relaxing rather than working on the house, Skyped with my family and just all around enjoyed the holidays as best we could despite the bad weather that arrived for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.
Following true French tradition, most of our Christmas celebration revolved around the food.  On Christmas Eve we enjoyed an incredible meal of lobster, goose, stuffing, chestnuts, cepes and black forest bûche.  Then on Christmas Day we whipped up another huge meal of foie gras, smoked duck, roast boar, chestnuts, green beans and a mango, passion fruit and vanilla ice cream bûche.  And naturally we made it through quite a few different bottles of wine and champagne.  It was all quite delicious (Rasteau especially enjoyed the feast) and now I feel Iike I need to stop eating for at least a month to make up for it!
our Christmas table
Rasteau checking out the lobster in anxious anticipation of the meal to come
Goose, stuffing, chestnuts, cepes and a delightful bottle of red...yum!
black forest bûche
foie gras and an incredible Jurançon
Roast boar, chestnuts and green beans with another delightful red
Rasteau was also quite spoiled for Christmas.  Not only did he enjoy lobster, goose, foie gras (he's so French!), boar and some cream but he also received one hell of a gift:
Rasteau was one spoiled little kitty this year!
And as predicted, he hasn't been particularly interested in his new arbre à chat since we put it together and sat his butt down on it.  Hopefully that will change but he generally does like to be difficult!
Hope everyone else had a great Christmas with family and friends!


  1. Sounds and looks so delicious! I would have never thought of pairing green beans with mango. The gold place settings are so festive with the red tablecloth too.

  2. That looks amazing. We spent Christmas at my parents' but I'm looking forward to a French New year tonight!

  3. Hi Michele! I hope you're enjoying the holidays! I'm Heather and I was wondering if you would be able to answer my question about your blog! Please email me at Lifesabanquet1(at)gmail(dot)com :-)

  4. Be patient with the cat tree. We got a little "maison du chat" for Tartiflette from my mother-in-law two years ago and Ttflt never slept in it. Except about 2 months ago it became one of her favorite hangout places. It might take a while, but Rasteau will probably start using the tree.

    1. That's my hope! I know how finicky cats can be and I'm hoping that with a little time he will grow to love it!