Thursday, December 19, 2013

Crazy cat lady

I just might be turning into a crazy cat lady; my life seems to practically revolve around cats lately!  Now that Lionel has a job and I'm home all day alone, albeit working, my only company is Rasteau.  And his only "slave" is me.  I can tell that he feels the loss of his "daddy" and so he constantly turns to me for everything he wants, be it to have a door opened so he can go out or come in, to be brushed, for a treat, to show off his kills, for a distraction, for a "conversation" or for attention, love and cuddles.  And if he feels like he is being ignored (usually because I'm too busy with work or on the phone with the office or a client) he certainly has found the best way to make his presence known and to announce the fact that he wants something.

If Rasteau feels like I'm not paying enough attention to him, or if he has any desire that isn't met, he makes sure to come upstairs into my office and sit his butt down right in front of my computer to make sure I haven't forgotten his furry little presence.

And if that isn't enough, he lays right down on my papers and computer, refusing to move until he gets what he wants.
And one time, when he saw that I was busy with work and all his attempts still weren't getting the desired reaction, he planted himself right on my arm while I was using the mouse

He just doesn't seem to understand that someone has to work in order to pay for all his croquettes and pâté!  Instead he thinks I can be there to respond to his every wish and desire immediately since his "daddy" is no longer available to be a full-time slave.

Now, if turning into my cat's servant isn't enough to qualify me as a crazy cat lady, we also seem to have "adopted" a neighborhood cat.  She has always come into the yard and she and Rasteau sometimes played together or got in little fights, but a few weeks ago she showed up at the back window and cried for hours.  We felt bad for her because she was cold and skinny so we gave her some food and some love and we were done for.  Now she comes by at least twice a day for meals and every time I open the door she attempts to run in the house, sometimes succeeding. 

At first Rasteau seemed quite unhappy about the arrangement, but he has since realized that he has enough food to share.  He's accepted it so well that now when he's outside the two of them seem to enjoy playing together just fine and they never fight anymore.  And yesterday they worked together to bring me plenty of gifts.  In just one day I was the not-so-thrilled recipient of a pile of feathers and wings (courtesy of her), a partial lizard (courtesy of Rasteau) and a mouse head (not sure who left me that gory gift).

Rasteau protecting his territory while the other cat stares at me through the window in hopes of getting into the house or at least getting a treat
waiting for her breakfast this morning
My biggest fear is that all the random cats in the neighborhood are going to start coming by thinking we are a free buffet!  But I just feel so bad for her (we don't know if she has a home or not), especially when I see her out in the cold or the rain, that I can't help but at least give her something to eat and a few cuddles.  One night, when it was particularly damp and cold, we even let her sleep cuddled up on some blankets in the garage. 

after spending a few days keeping a close eye on all the happenings in his yard, Rasteau has finally calmed down and accepted the situation and is returning to normal life which includes relaxing/sleeping in his cabane

I'm pretty sure that at this point my life is almost entirely ruled by cats, and if that doesn't make me a crazy cat lady, I don't know what does!


  1. Poor Rasteau misses his Daddy. Awwww. Looks like he has a girlfriend now.

    You're right about becoming the neighbourhood buffet. I wonder how many other cats are hiding out in your garden, haha.

    I can't get over the look on his face as he crawled over your arm. Too cute!

  2. Poor Rasteau has been completely lost since Lionel started working! It's kinda pathetic!

    I have no idea how many other cats are around...we see a lot of different strays wandering through our garden and around the neighborhood. We would go broke if we ended up being a buffet for them all!