Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl 2014

I'm paying for it today, but last night I kept myself up till 4 a.m. to watch the Super Bowl.  I'm not going to lie, waking up this morning was pretty rough, but I just couldn't stand the thought of missing the game this year.

Unfortunately Bordeaux has a serious lack of late night bars and so I wasn't able to find anyplace playing the entire game.  Instead I found myself watching the Super Bowl at home, alone.  Well, not entirely alone.  Lionel stayed awake for the first half and Rasteau was with me the whole time (though he didn't provide very good game-related conversation).

Overall the game was much less of a nail biter than the past few years (and by that I mean that there was no tension and it was pretty boring).  But what I did notice was that the French commentators did a much better job than they have in the past.  They really kept the commentary to the game and to explanations of American football for a French audience.  Much better than a few years ago when they kept discussing US politics rather than the game.

The halftime show was, in my opinion at least, better than the past two years.  Though I must admit I didn't know who Bruno Mars was until last night when I discovered I actually recognized some of his songs.  And I have a feeling I should be pretty embarrassed to admit that.

I was also pretty entertained by W9's American look during the Super Bowl:

Though the game wasn't as exciting as in previous years I'm still happy I stayed awake to watch.  Now I just need to get caught up on all the great commercials I missed...I've been hearing good things.  And in the meantime I have a feeling I'll be in bed quite early tonight.

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