Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's that time of year again...titre de séjour renewal

I had my rendez-vous at the Préfecture de Bordeaux today to renew my titre de séjour.  I received a convocation in the mail about two weeks ago asking me to come on April 17 and to appear at guichet 11 at 11:20.  I had to bring originals of all my documents and my husband.

Never having renewed in Bordeaux before I really didn't know what to expect or how long the entire process would take.  I was also quite nervous because I was expecting to have to do battle over the contrat d'accueil et d'intégration that I never signed (I even printed out copies of French law to show them I had every right to be exempted from signing the contract from the beginning).  So imagine my surprise when I arrived at the guichet and saw my dossier already sitting on the counter, open and ready to go, and a few minutes later a woman showed up at the window to process my renewal request.  I was even further shocked when there was no fight over my non-signature du contrat and she just looked at my certificat de scolarité from the university in Tours and accepted the fact that I should have been exempted.

As if the lack of a fight wasn't enough of a préfecture miracle, she then further expressed her surprise that I have lived in France before, have been married for over 5 years and still only have a carte de séjour temporaire.  We explained our situation and then, after a bit of an issue with my ID photos that just seemed to have disappeared from the counter, she stated that everything appeared to be in order and didn't even make me come back with more photos

And then, shocker of all shockers, as she handed me my récépissé she said she was just going to have them issue me a 10-year card even though I was only requesting a renewal of my temporary card and hadn't even followed the procedure or produced all the papers necessary to apply for a 10-year card.  She then explained that my card should be ready in about month and that I would receive a letter letting me know when I could come in and pick it up.  And that was it.  I was done.  In only 20 minutes.  20 minutes!!!  I couldn't believe it!  Even Lionel was floored.  Much better than the 4-5 hours with rendez-vous in the Val de Marne.

I was originally planning to only apply to renew my temporary card because I am hoping that my request for citizenship will be granted and that this time next year I won't need a titre de séjour anymore (perhaps wishful thinking).  Since the renewal is cheaper than the 10-year card I thought I would take the risk and save some money (as well as administrative headache) and then if my citizenship request was rejected I could always apply for the 10-year card next year.  But, since she was offering to push my file through without me having to provide additional documents or do anything extra I figured I would just take advantage of my good luck and go for it.  Just in case.  Because you never know.  Though, it makes me wonder if they are desperate for extra cash or something.

So, in about a month I should be the proud owner of a brand new, shiny 10-year card!  And I just had the most pleasant and enjoyable préfecture visit of my life.  Only 20 minutes total from the time we walked in the door, a nice, helpful and understanding fonctionnaire going out of her way to make my life easier and absolutely no fight whatsoever.  I'm still pinching myself, convinced it must be a dream!  I think I might be in love with the Préfecture de Bordeaux (ok, I wouldn't go that far, but definitely a much more organized and more pleasant experience than my sous-préfecture in the Val de Marne).  Here's hoping my request for citizenship goes just as smoothly!


  1. Glad to see that other people in Bordeaux are having similar good experiences! I too had a great experience this year (as opposed to last year!). I think the Prefecture is finally figuring out that no one likes to wait...ha, ha. Be warned - when you go back and pick up your Carte de Sejour - they will tell you to come in the afternoon - there is a line then- but it does move pretty fast - but you might be there an hour or so. Here's my post about my experience if you are interested -

    1. I just checked out your post about the process...sounds very similar to mine except when they sent my convocation they included a window number so I didn't even go to a seating area first, just directly to the window where my file was already waiting.

      Thanks for the heads up about the experience of picking up the carte too. Definitley nice to know what is in store for me!

      I obviously have no idea what it was like in Bordeaux before but I was surprised to see that the process changed in October. I had looked into the renewal process last summer when I was doing other immigration related research (I like to be prepared) and so I was expecting to have to go to my local commissariat. I was really surprised when that wasn't the case, but perhaps it was for the best. The whole process has been a far cry from my previous experiences in Val de Marne with 3 hour waits just to get an appointment and then 5 hour waits the day of the appointment. All in all I'm pretty pleased and I hope it is just as quick and efficient for my naturalization request!

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