Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ma tête is spinning

Since our return from Paris life has been really busy and it seems like the days are just flying by.  I finally managed to submit my file for my request for citizenship and what a headache the whole process turned out to be!  I've been extremely stressed waiting to hear back from the préfecture about that as well as for my carte de séjour renewal.  I also made a very stressful and valiant attempt at doing our US taxes but finally gave up in despair (would have been a lot easier if we were allowed to use any of the EZ forms in our situation) and sent them to an accountant. Now I'm stressed because I still haven't heard back and the filing deadline is fast approaching.

Besides being overwhelmingly stressed about all this paperwork and the lack of news pertaining to any of it, work has also been crazy for the past few months and it isn't showing any signs of letting up.  I'm feeling mentally and emotionally exhausted from it all and I can tell I desperately need a vacation before I break.  Alas, for numerous reasons, there is no vacation in sight.

And if that isn't enough to wear a girl out, I've also been stressed about the work on our house and just how much still needs to get done.  Then my in-laws called on Wednesday to tell us they were arriving on Friday to attack the bathroom renovations.  Normally I would be thrilled about the possibility of finally doing the bathroom because I've been dying for a more modern, less disgusting and more functional bathroom. But that was really short notice!  Since we got their call I've been doing research and investigating different options like crazy, to the point where I've even been dreaming about bathrooms, showers, bathtubs, toilets and sinks.  Today we started tearing out the bathroom which means I am without sink and shower for the next...I don't know how long but I hope not more than a week!  

what was once our shower

As per usual, these renovations are starting in complete chaos and I fully expect it to continue this way.  Not surprising when you literally have no time to plan or shop in advance!  Certainly doesn't make for a very relaxing weekend though and I was desperately in need of one!


  1. I know the feeling all too well: we ripped off all the wallpaper in our bedrooms and have taken most of the furniture apart. Now we are involved in these never-ending discussions about what to do with the walls and I'm tripping over stuff everywhere. I just can't wait to get rid of our stain-filled carpets.

    I was just over last weekend and the shower is gone! That was fast. Have your in-laws given any more thought about the sliding doors? Tell them your friends think it's a good idea too. Just wondering, where do you go to shower?

  2. Sounds like your work is coming along just as well as ours! :) I wish you the best of luck. I can definitely relate to the never-ending discussios about what to do, how to do, etc etc etc. And in the end it just never seems to lead anywhere and it is just frustrating! And the chaos and having a torn apart house can quickly become overwhelming!

    Yes, this bathroom renovation kinda took us by surprise. When you were here last weekend we had no idea that we would be ripping out our bathroom this weekend, that's for sure! And when you were here last weekend I thought we were aiming to put a bathtub in the bathroom and would be arguing over whether or not to redo the hall closet to turn it into a WC. But like I said we got a call on Wednesday informing us that my in-laws would be arriving Friday and we would begin tackling the bathroom. We thought we would mostly be deciding on what we were going to do, planning the layout, making a plan and doing shopping for the different elements. But no, of course not! Instead it's chaos again and the shower is gone, my father-in-law is no longer stuck on his idea of transforming the closet into a WC, that bathtub plan has been abandoned and we are running around like crazy people trying to redo the bathroom and do all the shopping for everything we need. Now, instead of a bathtub we will be doing a tiny cabine de douche integrale (despite the fact that last summer my in-laws were against them because they are shitty quality and only last a year or two) and we aren't changing the layout of the bathroom or doing anything really that improves the overall functionality of the bathroom. Oh well, at least it will be clean, have storage, have a toilet and anything is better than what we have now! And sliding doors are definitely not being considered either...

    As for showering, our kitchen is now also a temporary bathroom...I'll be washing my hair over the kitchen sink and we "shower" by putting a towel on the floor and using a gant de toilette with soapy water in the sink. Basically the same as when our toilet broke down and we also had to redo some of the plumbing to the bathroom. Fun stuff! But hopefully it will be done by next weekend.