Monday, April 5, 2010

Camel in Paris

The other night I was walking in front of the Centre Pompidou with some friends when we were shocked to see a camel in the center of Paris.

The camel was actually at a Moroccan restaurant near the Centre Pompidou and there were certainly using it to attract more clients.  However, we just thought it was cool to see a camel in the middle of Paris.

Unfortunately the pics aren't very good because I had to use my cell phone...but you get the idea.  I felt bad for him, tied up in front of a restaurant and forced to be photographed with tons of random tourists...


  1. Yeah -- totally get the idea, WOW! I wonder how it got from its native land to Paris... Yeah, I kind of feel sorry for him, too. I wonder what was going through his head, lol. "Crazy people! WTF am I doing HERE?" Haha. Poor thing.

  2. That is definitely a brilliant way to attract customers. We need more camels in America to improve the economy ;)