Monday, April 5, 2010

Russian Easter, American Easter

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  I know I did.  This year I celebrated Easter both Russian style and American style.  On Sunday my Russian friend invited me over to her apartment in the center of Paris to celebrate Easter with lots of good Russian food she picked up from the Russian store.  We ate a wonderful meal of Russian meat dumplings, Russian sauerkraut, pickled tomatoes, pickled mushrooms, dried fish, dried calamari, Russian cheese, Russian pickles, Russian honey cake, Russian Easter cake, Russian wafers and Russian chocolates.  There was of course plenty of vodka available, but I stuck to wine.

Russian Easter cake

Eggs...hard boiled and dyed, and in chocolate!

When she went to Franprix over the weekend, she even received a free gift for Easter...a beautiful chocolate egg that was quite delicious.  I wish I had known they were giving away chocolate eggs at Franprix, I would have certainly walked to the extra ten minutes to get one!

Free Franprix chocolate egg.  When I first saw it I thought she had gone to a real chocolatier to buy it.  But nope, it's from Franprix (note the Franprix logo on the white chocolate heart)

Then today I had an American Easter with my husband.  I had originally planned to make the meal on Sunday, but when my friend invited me over for Russian food I decided to wait until today.  We enjoyed a roasted chicken, homemade stuffing (first time I've ever made it!) and green bean casserole.  Later I'm going to find the energy to make chocolate chip cookies.  I stole the stuffing recipe from my friend Jasmin who stole it from Betty Crocker.  It was much easier than I expected, and tasted just like Stove Top!

American style food (half eaten because I couldn't wait to dig in)

Complete with American wine that I found at Leclerc for only 3€!!!

All in all it was a pretty good long weekend, even if the weather wasn't always as nice as it is today!  Now if only I didn't have to prepare lessons for tomorrow...

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  1. OMG -- that plate at the bottom of the picture set there -- we have the saucers, espresso, and teacups that go with those! Well, some of them, anyway, lol. Some have broken. I don't know if Paul originally had the plates as well or if those got split up in the divorce umpteen years ago... Anyway, I was all, "I recognize that plate!" We probably have the same mustard glasses, too, that everyone has, huh, lol. ;-)

    What a lovely Easter weekend you had! Good on you for making homemade stuffing. It is not that hard to make, huh!