Sunday, April 17, 2011

An American weekend

We had a pretty nice weekend this weekend.  It was pretty relaxing, and we didn't do much but it was very nice and very American.  Last night we took advantage of the nice weather and had our first barbeque of the season...American style bbq ribs with coleslaw, vegetable skewers, good Belgian beers and strawberries for dessert.  We were hoping to have a few friends over for a nice, quiet Saturday night in our garden with the new tiki torches I managed to find at Carrefour a few weekends ago, but no one wanted to come or was available, so it was just the two of us.  And in the end, it was pretty nice...just our little family - me, Lionel, and Rasteau (who was very happy to have his masters in the garden with him the entire evening!).  The ribs recipe was delicious and it was wonderful to cook together and spend the evening together, relaxing out in the garden and playing with the cat.

Then this morning I got up early and made a big American breakfast - scrambled eggs with cheddar cheese (because my Auchan started  selling cheddar at the cheese counter!!!), buttermilk pancakes and bacon.  It was delicious as well and I ALMOST felt like I was back at home in the US.  Plus, I didn't have to feel too guilty about using some of my American supplies since I will be back in the US in 3 weeks!

An overall great, calm weekend full of delicious American food!  It's making me really impatient to get back to the States in May!

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