Friday, April 22, 2011

Mon mari is getting old...

On Wednesday Lionel celebrated his 35th birthday.  He's getting old!  But being the wonderful wife I am, I made him the birthday dinner that he's been dreaming about.  For years I've been listening to him talking about how he wants to eat la lotte (monkfish).  His mother apparently used to make a wonderful dish with la lotte and he's been dying to eat something like it again.  So, I scoured the internet and finally found a recipe with la lotte that sounded good and like something I would eat.

Since my last lesson was cancelled on Wednesday I was able to get home early, run to the store and then head back to the apartment to make his surprise birthday dinner.  En entrée we had scallops, en plat we had la lotte exotique au curry and en dessert we had key lime pie from another recipe I found on the internet.  He was quite happy with the meal and said it was even better than his mom's lotte so I was happy too.

Overall, I think he had a great birthday (even if he's ancient now!), better than mine where he was nice enough to offer to order sushi for delivery cause he couldn't be bothered to make me something or take me out to a restaurant... And for his birthday present he got a cooking lesson with l'Atelier des Chefs, something I just tried out this week and loved, and he was so jealous that I thought I would give him a cooking lesson with them for his gift.  So next Wednesday after work we are going to a cooking lesson called La bière s'invite en cuisine:  But more about that later!

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