Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Quick update

Well, I'm back from the first round of traveling with my US friends.  We had a great time in Germany at Oktoberfest and exploring the Munich area and the Romantic Road (which I had already done before and loved, but was new for my friends).  We also had a lot of fun in Poland, but I'm happy to be back home with Lionel and the little furball!

Now I have a few days in Paris before my parents get here and the travels start up again.  And then right after that we have to finish the packing and cleaning to get out of our apartment at the end of the month!

So far everything is going as planned for the move and I'm sending back a decent amount of stuff with my friends and a ton more (including the cat) with my family.  The only thing that I am really stressed about at the moment is selling our furniture.  I really thought it would go relatively well, but we put the first round of furniture (the things we REALLY didn't need) on Le Bon Coin at the beginning of the month and so far we might have someone buying our coffee table Friday and we had a ridiculously low offer on our microwave and that is it.  We are putting most of the rest of our stuff up this week and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed because we desperately need the money from selling some of this stuff and I really thought it wouldn't be too hard since it's all so new and in such good condition.  Any recommendations?  It's going to make me sick to just get rid of an entire apartment of furniture that was only bought a 1-1.5 years ago.

Other than that, we have Lionel's visa interview at the US Embassy tomorrow afternoon, so I'm hoping that goes smoothly, but we do have every document they requested as well as everything else I could possibly think of just in case (France rubbing off a bit?).  After the visa interview I fully intend to do a nice, long, detailed post on the entire visa process for those who have expressed interest in learning more.  Hopefully I'll be able to find the time to do it, but at the latest it will be in November.

I will also post some pictures and details from my travels as soon as I get a chance, which also might not be until November, but I'm really trying...I'm just extremely busy and stressed right now and dreaming of a good nights sleep!

Just wanted people to know I'm still alive and blogging and more information and interesting posts will be coming as soon as possible!

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  1. Have you thought about listing your furniture on some local expat sites? Somebody who's just arriving here could make off with the whole lot. You might try to advertise with some of the teaching asisstants, too. They'll likely be here for a year or two and could easily re-sell to next year's assistants. I know I joined the Lille Assistants FB group to try and find somebody to babysit for me and got pretty good feedback. Maybe you can do the same? Maybe call the embassy and see if they know any families that are coming? I thought le bon coin would be a good bet but maybe you can try Ebay? Mention it on couchsurfing?

    Good luck!