Saturday, October 29, 2011

Rasteau's becoming an American cat

I've been driving my parents crazy with almost daily phone calls to see how Rasteau is doing in the US and I've been hounding them for photos and videos of my little furball in his new environment. 

Other than a bit of a problem with food (he doesn't seem to like any of the American kitty food, even though it's the exact same brands...Purina One for dry food, other Purina cat foods for wet food) and a bit of a drug induced freak out upon arrival, he seems to be doing pretty well, though my mom thinks he misses us (I just hope he doesn't forget us!).

He seems to be enjoying the much larger house to explore (3 big floors, instead of a 40 square meter apartment with a 50 square meter garden), and all the nature to watch from the windows.  I imagine soon he will be begging to go outside so he can climb all the big trees he sees from the house and chase after all the squirrels and birds, but he's not allowed out until we arrive (and even then it's not sure).

We made sure to send all of his stuff with him so the transition would be easier and he would have his odor and our odor in the house.  And let me just say, this is one spoiled cat!  He has tons of toys that crossed the ocean, his fleece blanket that he likes to sleep on, dry food, wet food, and two carriers (the one he travelled in which is new and he hates, and his old one which he loves and often sleeps in, but that he broke when he was high on drugs after his surgery the other week).  But all in all he seems to be adjusting well and enjoying having a lot more space to live in, more things to explore and a lot more to watch.

Here are a few pictures of the little guy in the US:

Rasteau looking out the windows

Rasteau exploring the house

And two videos:

Rasteau enjoying the view, and a shot of the food he will eat...ham!

Rasteau meeting one of my parents' outside cats

Looks like he's going to adjust to the US quite well!

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