Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Really quick

Sorry I haven't had a lot of time to post lately, and this is going to be a quick one too.  Things with the move are going well.  My US friends are all gone with a few suitcases of my stuff.  My parents were here and we had a great trip out to Normandy and to the south of France.  They just left on Sunday with another 5 suitcases of our stuff as well as our little furball. 

Rasteau had a really rough week last week with a visit to the vet on Monday which resulted in him getting surgery as well as the rest of his vaccines, his health certificate, drugs for the airplane and his very own passport.  Then Sunday off he went on the plane with my parents, drugged out of his mind.  From what they said he slept the entire flight and is now acclimating to his new environment (i.e. sniffing everything in their house).  Overall, it seems like he is handling the move as well as can be expected but I already miss him a ton, even though it's a lot easier to move things around the apartment and out the door without a cat rubbing around your legs!

There were a couple of visa scares, one when we were applying for the visa (more on that later) and another when we were waiting for it in the mail and once again, as usual, La Poste fucked up.  But all is well now, and we have Lionel's visa!

At the moment we are working hard to pack the rest of our stuff, sell the rest of our furniture (the good news is we've already sold a decent amount of it - couch, elliptical machine, table and chairs, one bookcase to people on le bon coin as well as our kitchen cabinets and washing machine to the people taking the apartment after us!), clean the apartment and be ready to go on Oct. 31.

Speaking of Oct. 31, for anyone in Paris or coming to Paris around Halloween time, I just found out about this haunted history of Paris/haunted house at Le Manoir de Paris which promises an authentic Halloween experience.  I won't be able to check it out, but I thought it could be interesting for anyone looking for something to do for Halloween.

I'll continue with the updates when I can, which might not be until I'm at my in-laws in November, when I also hope to get some pictures up from the trips I took as well as a long and informative post on the process of getting a visa for the US.

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  1. Glad your kitty got back to the States safe and sound, but sad that he had to have some last minute surgery! I'm sure you must miss him a ton, but you'll see him soon enough :)

    Can't wait to hear more about the move and of course the Visa stuff! Crossing my fingers that everything works out according to plan for you and Lionel!