Monday, July 30, 2012

Samedi a Columbus

Lionel and I spent Saturday up in Columbus visiting friends and family and enjoying the nice weather.  We grabbed lunch with my aunt and uncle at North Market which is an indoor market that sells specialty foods, meats, cheeses and has food stalls selling Vietnamese,  Thai, Indian, Mediterranean and other international dishes. Afterwards we walked around downtown Columbus and checked out some of the improvements they've made in the city center over the past few years.

Downtown Columbus

giant chess in the Commons, a new park where the City Center Mall used to stand

My aunt, uncle and Lionel in the Commons

Lionel at the little outdoor market they had Saturday in front of North Market

a fountain in the Commons

Downtown Columbus and the "Scioto Mile," a new walkway along the river, as seen from a bridge

Next we went to visit our friends Lindsay and Tom who just had a beautiful baby girl two weeks ago. We had a nice visit and got to meet their adorable daughter and spend the afternoon catching up and relaxing with them.

Finally we headed off to meet our friends Lauren and Jeremy at this little whole in the wall authentic Mexican restaurant and taqueria (called Cuco's Taqueria) where we had amazing tacos, delicious margaritas and great conversation.  Lauren was my roommate in college and I don't get to see her as often as I would like because they have an adorable 4 year old daughter who keeps them quite busy so it was nice to have a chance to catch up!

pepper shaped salsa bowl at the taqueria

When dinner was over we hopped back in the car for the 2 hour ride home after a long but wonderful day!

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