Monday, September 28, 2009

Jimmy Buffett concert!!!

What a great weekend!!! This weekend was the Jimmy Buffett concert here in Paris and I had such an AMAZING time! It was by far the best concert I have ever been to and seeing Jimmy Buffett in Paris is far better than seeing him in the US. Every time I see Jimmy Buffett in the US it's at the huge Riverbend arena in Cincinnati with 20,000 other parrotheads (Jimmy Buffett fans). But this time I saw him at La Cigale, a small venue in northern Paris that only holds 1,300 people. That's right, a very small show. It was amazing to get to see him with such few people, a completely different experience than a US show.

I went with my friend Jasmin, a Jimmy Buffett virgin until last night. Before the concert we met up with some other parrotheads on the steps at the Sacre Coeur for some tailgating complete with wine, beer, margaritas and boat drinks. Talk about a great place to tailgate...overlooking all of Paris with a beautiful church behind us. After downing a bottle of wine we headed over to the concert where we met up with Erica, the girl we were buying our tickets from. We found her pretty quickly and then headed into the extremely long line where we chatted with tons of other crazy parrotheads all dressed up Jimmy Buffett style (hawaiian shirts, leis, shark heads, parrots, grass skirts, coconut bras, the works) and drank another bottle of wine. It definitely got us in the mood for the concert. Once we got in we found our seats (front row of the balcony!) and settled in for the best show I've ever been too. The atmosphere was already pretty crazy before the show started, but as soon as Jimmy Buffett came out on the stage, people went wild. It was a true Jimmy Buffett experience and I danced, sang and screamed my heart out like the rest of them in my bright colors and yellow lei. Even Jasmin got totally into it from the second the music started and she definitely now understand the appeal of Jimmy Buffett and I think she is a convert. We definitely had an amazing time and I'm amazed I still have a voice after all the screaming and going crazy, but by the end of the 3 hour show I was hot, sweaty and exhausted.

After the show we all went to O'Sullivans up at Pigalle for the after-party where we blended in quite well with the dreary and drab Parisian crowd at the normally relatively hip bar/club. We danced like crazy meeting tons of other Jimmy Buffett fans and having a great time after such an amazing show. I just didn't want the night to end...but unfortunately it did and I had to drag my exhausted self onto the bus to get to the other side of Paris where I live.
The highlights of the show were of course all my favorite songs that he played (He Went to Paris, Cheeseburger in Paradise, Margaritaville, Volcano, Fins, I Will Play for Gumbo, etc), getting to see Jimmy Buffett up close and personal in such a small and intimate setting, getting to meet tons of parrotheads from all over Europe, the US and Canada, getting to introduce a good friend to the wonders of JB, having a good old American night out in Paris, and the fishing for flip flops guy. This man is a genius and he brought a fishing pole with a poster attached that read "Fishing for Flip Flops." He lowered the sign from the balcony down to the stage and Jimmy Buffett grabbed it and attached his flip flops to the end of the pole and then the guy reeled them back up. Lucky man! I wish I had thought of that, I would love to have a pair of his flip flops and I'm totally gonna try it next year (yep thats right, Jimmy Buffett said he would be back next year!!!!!). Overall it was one of the most amazing nights of my life (especially of my life in wedding here might be the only thing that could top it and even that is debatable).

In other quick news...I went to Bouygues Telecom yesterday and got a new cell phone! I'm pretty excited about that. I finally have a cell phone plan so I can make calls and not worry, plus it is unlimited texts and unlimited email (if I figure out how to make it work...any advice?), unlimited windows live messenger (can someone explain to me what this is) and unlimited web (if I can figure it out). And this is by far the most advanced phone I have ever had (not hard when I've never even owned a camera phone before). It has a slide-out keyboard, camera, does video, has a touch screen, internet capabilities and sudoku on it (by far the most exciting part!) and all that for only 1 euro extra with my plan!!!!!

My beautiful new phone

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  1. Hi! This sounds like an AMAZING night! I just booked my long-weekend trip to Paris, from Miami,FL for his show in September. Can you tell me a bit about it??? If and where Parrotheads get together to tailgate? Was everyone at Sacre Coure (sp?)? And the after party location,how'd you find that? Also, Iplan on being in board shorts and flip flops...most probably a hoodie (but I have one from a past JB concert that got chilly), but whats the weather like at the end of Sept? I hope you are still partying it up in France and if not I hope you had an amazing time making memories you'll never forget! I'd really appreciate the insight. Cheers! Michelle