Wednesday, September 23, 2009

L'histoire du hijacked hotmail continued...

To continue the story of my poor, hacked hotmail account...yesterday I got a response from Microsoft and they sent me a link so that I could reset my password on my email account and regain control. Which I did. And around midnight I was able to enter into my email account and check my messages and respond to the most important ones. And get lots of unpleasant news (coming later). So I went to bed happy to know that I had access to my email and that none of my emails had been deleted.
I woke up today, went to work and when I got home I was looking forward to checking my email and responding to the rest of the less important messages as well as getting some emails sent to my students about scheduling as well as some wedding-related emails sent out. I sat down, typed in and prepared to log in with my shiny, new password. And then my jaw dropped and my heart sank in my chest. The new password didn't work. Mr. Hacker had hacked his way right back into my email account and changed the password again. Great. Another message to Microsoft explaining the new situation and requestion another link to reset my password. Hopefully I will have that tomorrow so that I can actually get something done tomorrow night! But the first thing I will do when I enter into my email account this time is change my alternate email address and my secret question and answer. Better safe than sorry at this point. And then hopefully all will be well. Because if there is something on my computer, then we can't find it and neither can and malicious software or virus scanner we have tried.
As for the bad news I found in the short time I was in my email of my students spoke to my school and said she didn't like doing book work and so when I finally got this message at midnight I had to stay up late replanning the entire lesson I had planned for today so that there would be no book work and only "lively" discussion as she put it. I also found out that Bouygues Telecom is completely stupid and I will officially NEVER receive my new cellphone with happy plan that allows me to make phone calls. They received all my pieces justificatives, except they magically couldn't find my RIB which I know was in the envelope with the other documents, so Lionel had to fax a new copy of it over today from his work. If I don't get this phone soon I'm going to be super pissed. At this point I just want to cancel my internet order and go to a Bouygues store to get my phone and abandon the idea of having a free month of service, cause this is just ridiculous. At least 2 weeks to receive an online you France for your lack of intelligence and customer service! The other bad news was I found out I didn't get a job I applied for that would have made a great second job to compliment my current teaching schedule. They had already found someone. Oh the fun of my email disaster!

In other news, I am being harrassed by Kelly Services (the temp and interim agency). They called me and emailed me a few times last week, but since I didn't really feel like going through the interview process again and changing jobs already, I had just planned to ignore them. However, Monday they called again, but I thought nothing of it, prepared to continue ignoring it. Then yesterday they called me 5 times! FIVE TIMES! And all while I was teaching and my phone was off. By the time I got home it was too late to call. So when I finally got into my email and found an email from them last night, I decided to respond. Though I had never even spoken to them or expressed any interest in looking for a job with them, they took it upon themselves to schedule me an interview with one of their clients for 11:30 this morning. So I wrote back saying I would be interested in interviewing for the position (native English speaking administrative assistant) but that I was not available at 11:30 as I had to teach. So she called me again today wanting to arrange a time ASAP when I was available. I called when I got home from work and FINALLY spoke to the woman and so I probably have a job interview tomorrow (she just has to check and make sure the client is available, otherwise we have to reschedule again). I love how they just decided to schedule me an interview without even speaking to me when it has been 6 months since I sent in my CV (did they ever think I might have found a job in those 6 months). So, I'm going to go to the interview and get some info and check it out. Perhaps it will be interesting, well paid and a CDI (permanent contract) and I will be able to leave the world of English teaching behind earlier than expected. However, I'm being realistic and I know it probably won't be anything great and almost certainly not a CDI and so I will have to turn it down no matter what because we need my CDI to be able to move sometime in this lifetime and I want that more than anything!


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