Saturday, September 26, 2009

Today has been une bonne journee

Just a quick post to say that today has been a pretty decent day after a terrible week. First of all, it's the weekend!!! And I have completely regained access to my email account. I even changed the secret question and the alternate email address so Mr. Hacker can't get back in. And I cancelled my online cell phone order with Bouygues Telecom since they are incapable of processing it and sending me my phone (it had been 2 weeks and it STILL wasn't sent...what are they doing over there?). My phone call to cancel the order was very quick and painless (completely unlike normal French customer service) and now I can just go to a store tomorrow and buy my phone and sign up for a contract and walk out of the store with a phone instead of waiting weeks for it to be sent to me. But best of all...tomorrow is the Jimmy Buffett concert in Paris and I have guaranteed tickets from a nice girl in Amsterdam and so I'm gonna go party it up in Paris Parrothead style! Can't wait!

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