Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I'm happy to report that I survived this very long, miserable day of work and I am now on vacation!  An entire two weeks of freedom!!!  We leave tomorrow morning for the US, and I cannot wait to get on that plane and be headed back to see my family and friends.  I've been looking forward to this for so long, I was beginning to think it would never happen!

Of course, not everything can be that rose-colored.  In an effort to destroy my happiness, it is supposed to snow late tonight/early tomorrow morning and cause possible delays at the airport.  And of course, there is supposed to be a bit of a metro and RER strike tomorrow, making it even harder to get to the airport.  But I will not be deterred...I will arrive in the US, on time and happy, and I will enjoy these two weeks of freedom spent with friends and family!!!!

The next post will probably be from the United States, unless I am so busy I don't even find time to post until my return to Paris in January.

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  1. Have a great trip! Hope the snow won't mess up your flights!