Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Just a quick update...we safely arrived in the US on Thursday with very minimal travel problems.  It's great to be home and I'm having an amazing time seeing family and friends!  I know this is going to be a wonderful vacation, but it is going to go by to quickly!

We had the wedding on Saturday and it went very well.  Better than I could have ever imagined!  Hopefully I'll find time to get some photos up soon!!!  We had no problems and I had a great time, and so did everyone else (I think).  I loved my dress, the location was much more beautiful than I had thought and it was perfect.

Now that the wedding craziness is over and things are a bit more calm, we are getting ready for Christmas and doing some sightseeing with my in-laws.  So far we have visited Columbus and today we are going to the Air Force Museum.

Hope to post again soon with some photos!

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