Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Chipotle à Paris

Paris finally has Chipotle...or almost!  It's not called Chipotle, and it's not exactly the same, but for a fresh Mexican fast food in Paris, it is quite delicious and it's very, very similar to the popular American chain..  And it's pretty clear that whoever opened the place had visited Chipotle in the US before.

 It's called Boca Mexa (127 rue Mouffetard) and I recently went to check it out with a friend..  I had actually first noticed it in the fall, but I just finally went to try it out and I am VERY excited about this place!

The set up is very similar to Chipotle...you pick what form you want (burrito, taco, quesadilla), the meat you want (beef, chorizo, chicken or vegetarian) and what other items you want (rice, beans, type of salsa, cheese, etc).  For 8.50 euros you get your choice of main dish with a side dish (chips with a choice of guacamole or salsa, Mexican soup, etc) and a drink.  Not too bad and definitely plenty filling!

inside the restaurant

Even the serving style is very similar to Chipotle.  Burritos wrapped up Chipotle-style in aluminum, sides of chips served in brown paper bags, etc.  The similarities are unbelievable.  And I must say, even the taste is very close to Chipotle.  Not exactly the same, but not too far off and definitely close enough to fulfill any Chipotle craving I may have while living abroad.

When you go, be sure to ask for a carte de fidelité which they will stamp each time and after a certain number of meals you get some free stuff.

Also interesting for us expats craving Mexican foods is the fact that they sell some Mexican products in the store including a variety of hot sauces.

the wall of hot sauces

Definitely worth it to check this place out for the food and the Mexican products!


  1. There's also a new place called Cactus that is apparently even better than Boca Mexa. I haven't tried it out yet though since they're only open at lunch. :(

  2. I've heard of that place, Cactus. I want to check it out too, but it's not as convenient as Boca Mexa. Perhaps one of these days I'll make it there for lunch since I do teach a lesson not too far from it.

  3. Oh my god! All I can say is thank the lord for this post. I have been having SERIOUS Mexican food withdrawals since I've been living in France, and I'm going to meet someone in Paris on Saturday, so I will definitely check this place out! I would kill someone for a decent burrito at this point...

  4. What are you talking about? This tastes nothing like Chipotle! Yes, they're trying to make it look like a Chipotle but the cooking is just not that good. The rice is bland, the meats overcooked, the salsas not very spicy, etc. It'll get you by in a pinch when you're desperately craving Mexican food in Paris and I appreciate what they're trying to do (they are very nice there), but don't compare it to Chiptole, as that's very misleading and not remotely true.

    Also - FYI - they're open for dinner too - not just lunch.

    A real Chipotle is being built now in the 9th (20 Boulevard Montmartre).

  5. Hi Michele!
    My name is Adam, I'm American, and I've been living in this beautiful city for the past 3 years. Rumors of the arrival of Chipotle have been circulating amongst my little anglophone friend circle for some time, but I asked Chipotle again today when they expect to arrive here, and their representative told me the date was still not set.

    At any rate, I stumbled upon your blog via a quick Google search and I can not thank you enough! Unlike your anonymous commenter, I was THRILLED with my experience. I admittedly went with low expectations, simply because in three years I'd never found anything that remotely reminded me of home. I found the menu reasonably priced and the food delicious...and indeed, the people are so friendly!

    Perhaps my taste is not as discerning as someone else, but I thought it totally measured up to authentic cuisine. I'm recommending it whole-heartedly to my friends! =D

    Thanks again SO much!!! =D


  6. anonymous - sorry you didn't enjoy it, but i found it to be quite similar. not perfect since there are some differences (the chips are not nearly as good, chorizo burritos, etc), but similar and definitely close enough to satisfy a chipotle craving!

    adam - glad you enjoyed it and found it to be such a great experience! I definitely agree with you, it is pretty similar to chipotle and definitely satisfies that craving for some good food from home! as for a real chipotle at paris...I don't know anything but I definitely wouldn't complain if one came!

  7. I know of the person coming to Paris to open the new restaurant. Expect it to be open sometime in September with the traditional FREE BURRITOS on the first day. I am thrilled!

  8. Great news for all of you...there will be a real Chipotle opening in Sept.

  9. Rice and Beans is the best I've found in Paris, and I live a block from Boca, so I go there a lot too.

  10. El Nopal is quite good too!
    3, rue Eugène Varlin Paris 10 (75010

  11. El Nopal is definitely a take away,
    and the rice is toooo basic.