Friday, February 18, 2011

Le petit monster

So, quite a few people have been wondering why we named this little guy Rasteau:

Well, here's the reason:

He's named after a wine area we really enjoy...hey it's France, they love wine, so do we, it works!  Where do your pets' names come from?


  1. My cat is named Vortex, because when the bf is drunk, he and his friends say they're "dans le vortex". Poor alcohol named cats, lol.

  2. Cila is our girl cat.. it's a name Jeremie pulled out of nowhere to match the "letter of the year" for the year we got her.

    Nacho.. well.. we were drunk and visiting friends who'd just had kittens and agreed to give us one. We were watching Nacho Libre, and the way he always yells "Nachooooo!" made me want to name him that just so I could do the same. When French people hear his name they always look at me funny and say, "like the chip?" which makes me laugh. Yes. I named my cat after Mexican food.

  3. Andromeda - yes, the poor cats with names based on alcohol/drinking...but sometimes it just works well!

    Amber - We almost used a name to match the letter of the year for Rasteau. It was "F" in 2010, but we just couldn't come up with anything we really liked except "Fripouille" and it's just too common of a name for cats in France so I didn't want it. And Nacho, that is great! French people already respond quite strangely to "Rasteau", I can't imagine with a cat named Nacho!