Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Jimmy Buffett

Friday night was one of my favorite events of the annual Jimmy Buffett concert.  This year I went with Amy and Marybeth, and as usual, the concert was amazing!!!  The music was, of course, great.  The hoards of crazy American Parrotheads (Jimmy Buffett fans) were fabulous and it was a lot of fun to see what crazy stuff people were wearing this year. 

 Amy, Marybeth and I in front of L'Olympia with Jimmy Buffett's name in lights and decked out for the concert!

Before the concert we met up for margaritas in the area, because you can't listen to Margaritaville without having had some margaritas, and we really didn't expect to find them at a French concert hall.  Then we headed over to check out the action in front of the hall before the start of the concert and to enjoy a quick beer with some other crazy Americans.  We threw on our "Jimmy Buffett" outfits (we were decked out with leis, grass skirts, shell bras, etc), met up with some people I had met at last year's concert and even got our pictures taken for a magazine.
with some friends from last year, dressed and ready to go!

margaritas before the show

The only downside was the location...L'Olympia.  While I had originally been excited to see that the concert was moved to L'Olympia (it was at La Cigale last year) because it is closer to my metro and my apartment, I ended up being quite disappointed.  For a concert hall that has been in the business since 1888 (making it the oldest music hall in Paris), it really wasn't well organized or prepared for this concert.  I mean, they ran out of beer 30 minutes into a 2 hour and 45 minute long concert!  Haven't they ever heard of studying the audience and preparing in advance???  They actually had to go out and buy beer in cans to serve (which resulted in a completely unexpected 1-hour line for a drink)!  But, despite the lack of beer, Jimmy Buffett was incredible and I had a great time with Amy and Marybeth.  We sang along at the top of our lungs and danced like crazy and enjoyed a very decent view of the stage.  Basically, the concert was fantastic and I'm glad I got to see him again this year!  His Paris concerts are definitely his best!

Jimmy Buffett performing

the concert

Jimmy Buffett and Antoine (a well-known French singer) singing Chansons pour les Petits Enfants

After the concert we headed over to O'Sullivans at Grands Boulevards for some drinks with some of the other concert goers and then we called it a wonderful night!  As usual, a great time!

having a great time at the concert

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